Water View For All


Located in Rivière-des-Prairies, on the banks of a river surrounded by greenery and perfectly positioned to catch sight of each sunrise and sunset, our units offer a spectacular view over the breathtaking water sceneries as well as access to the river boardwalk. If bliss and serenity are bound to be found somewhere, surely this would be the place.

Chef Kitchen & Quartz Countertop


The benefits range far beyond better food. Combining luxury with refinery and great taste, our personalized kitchens will unleash the chef in you. Spacious, professional, luxurious and beyond all, equipped with the latest technology in terms of food preparation, it will leave friends, family and even yourself speechless at suppertime!

Private Backyard & Landscaping


Carefully designed to harmoniously balance nature and comfort, our units’ backyard oasis are your very own private gateway to an environment designed for you to find tranquility within or to spend quality time with your loved ones.
Free from any disturbances, they flawlessly showcase nature’s calm essence and are a perfect place for you to recharge your batteries or simply have a good time.

Double Garage


Built on the comfort of the urban family lifestyle, all our units provide private double underground garages to accommodate not only all your vehicles of transportation, but also every single one of your storage needs. Gone are the days when you had to worry about which car to park in the garage and which to leave outside to brave cold winter storms!

You’re The Designer


Not only do you get premium quality hardwood floors and smart control ventilation & air conditioning systems (yes, the future is indeed here!), you also get to choose your custom interior finishing! What’s better than a nearly fully personalized home?

A Wide Choice of Inclusions


Prewired alarms systems
Sono speakers available
5-year GCR warranty
Finished landscaping
All-inclusive sprinkler system